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Professional Trucking Dispatch Services for Owner Operators and Fleets.

Rate negotiation

We know that every penny counts in the world of logistics. Our experienced team is dedicated to getting you the best rates possible, ensuring you can maximize your profits and remain competitive in the market.

Top Paying Loads

We're your route to premium freight opportunities. Our vast network of trusted partners allows us to offer you access to high-paying loads, so your business can thrive.

Collection Assistance

We understand the challenges of managing collections in the industry. That's why we offer collection assistance to ensure you get paid for your hard work promptly.

Experience the ease of logistics with 365 RoadRunner Logistics LLC

365 Road Runner Logistics is a truck dispatch company that provides top-notch dispatch services for owner-operators and small trucking companies. We help find the best freight load possible with the highest prices and focus on keeping you loaded on a weekly basis. We know driving is not easy, that’s why our dispatchers Help maintain your back office while negotiating the highest rates on your behalf so that you get your money’s worth for all those miles you travel. We handle all load paperwork and deal with brokers on your behalf so that you stay focused on expanding your business. We’re not looking for short term clients, we are looking for long term partners because we know that your success is our success. Maximize your earning potential with our dispatch servicesGet Started Today!

what we offer

  • Dedicated dispatcher
  • Rate negotiation
  • Esign carrier onboarding and daily operational documents
  • Invoicing and carrier packets
  • Factoring setup and referral
  • Top paying loads
  • Broker/shipper credit checks
  • Trip planning
  • Daily document filing/storage
  • Manage safety and compliance
  • Finding roadside and or towing assistance as needed for driver support
  • IFTA reporting
  • Collection assistance

(TONU/Layover/Detention/Driver Assist) 


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Get Ahead with 365 RoadRunner Logistics LLC! Our team at 365 RoadRunner Logistics LLC offers comprehensive truck dispatch solutions, handling every aspect your company needs. We’re here to streamline your logistics and transportation operations for a more efficient and profitable future. Let’s drive your business forward together!