About Us

Kieara Onyia

When Kieara started this company, she saw a need in the Valley for bringing Phlebotomy services back to the patients who’s only choice is to have providers come to their homes.

Today our company is ran with the understanding that not everyone has the mobility to get their medical needs met. We provide not just mobile blood draws, delivery & point of care testing but we are establishing relationships with an array of mobile services that we can refer our patients to, such as mobile Imaging, Doctors & Physical Therapy.

At Quick Draw Mobile Lab, LLC we believe in meeting the needs of the whole patient and if our patients have a need that is outside of our scope of care, we will give them great referral options.

Business Mission:

We aim to provide the best Phlebotomy concierge experience. We believe you can’t master one area if your trying to master every area. While we cater to the needs of many communities, we specialize in meeting the needs of elderly & limited mobility patients.


To be recognized as a leading provider of phlebotomy services and a model for quality and service excellence.

Core Values:

Compassion              Integrity             Innovation