About Us

Kieara Onyia

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until moving to Arizona in 2015. I discovered my passion for people & Home Health Services while living here. Out of that passion came the desire to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur.

I formed this company in July of 2020, in the heart of Covid – 19. If there is anything I learned while starting a business in the middle of pandemic, its that I’m stronger than I thought & family is even more amazing than I knew them to be. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and family, taking vacations/staycations and of course the occasional night in on the couch.

I feel extremely Blessed to be able to provide a such a critical service needed for maintaining optimal health for both insured and uninsured patients. Today my company is ran with the understanding that not everyone has the time or mobility to get their medical needs met in a traditional setting, then Quick Draw Mobile Lab was formed!

Business Mission:

We aim to provide the best Phlebotomy concierge experience. We believe you can’t master anything if you’re trying to master everything. That’s why we specialize in meeting the phlebotomy needs of patients in an unconventional way that’s both very convenient and comfortable, not just for our patients but for our staff as well!


To be recognized as a leading provider of phlebotomy services and a model for quality and service excellence.

Core Values:

Compassion              Integrity             Innovation