Informed Blood Draw Consent:

I do hereby consent to the drawing of a blood sample for the purpose of medical treatment and/or self-awareness of health. I understand that the risks involved with blood draws include but are not limited to, discomfort, bleeding, soreness and/or redness at the site of collection, feeling light-headed and/or fainting during or shortly after your blood, a pocket of blood underneath the skin (Hematoma) and rarely, Seizures or infection at the site of the blood draw.

I understand and accept that data derived from this blood draw is considered preliminary only and does not constitute any kind of diagnosis. It is my responsibility (as the patient and/or guardian of the patient) to initiate a follow-up examination to confirm results and obtain professional advice and medical treatment. 

I give my consent for Quick Draw Mobile Lab, LLC to deliver my blood/specimen to Lab Corp, Sonora Quest, Fed-Ex, UPS, or any other specialty lab of my choice. If I am receiving Quick Draw Mobile Lab, LLC Point of Care onsite tests, I give Quick Draw Mobile Lab, LLC permission to release results to my primary care provider or myself via Fax or encrypted email at my request or when resulted.

I confirmed that by clicking the button Attached to this consent I am aware of the potential side effects and risks and give my consent to conduct this blood draw.