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  • Gender Reveal (DNA) Testing, @ just 6 weeks Pregnant
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  • Point of Care (15 min Result) Testing

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6-week Gestation, Gender DNA Testing!

Sneak Peek Clinical offers expecting parents gender results as early as 6 weeks pregnant! How does it work…..well, there is a blood test called NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing) that physicians can order (@ your 10-week gestation) that screens for down syndrome & other chromosomal conditions that also tell you if you’re having a boy or girl (results for the NIPT test can take one or two weeks). Sneak Peek Clinical has taken the NIPT test and focused only on the gender reveal component of this test. We send a certified phlebotomist to your home to collect one tube of blood. Your blood is then sent to Sneak Peeks Laboratory for chromosome analysis. You’ll get results in 24 hours via email! Oh yeah, no need to worry about Male DNA contamination of your sample when we’re collecting. Quick Draw Mobile only performs Sneak Peeks rapid result test which eliminates the exposure risk of Male DNA due to the sterile collection process, as opposed to the standard (finger stick) collection process which is not sterile.