Providers, do you have patients who need Labs but can’t make it to patient service centers?

Improve your patient lab compliance rates with Quick Draw Mobile Lab.

How Scheduling Works:

We are excited to serve your patients! We have two convenient options to get your patients scheduled.

Option 1: Patients Self-Schedule Online

  • Give your patients their lab order & our website:
  • They’ll go online & Book their appointment/upload their order
  • Their Lab results are sent to you from Sonora or LabCorp

Option 2: Your Office Takes Action

  • Your Medical Assistant sends patient lab order & insurance card copies to:
  • Fax: 480-900-8687 or Email:
  • Quick Draw Mobile will call your patient same day to schedule an appointment for them

Your patient’s lab results will be sent to you from the resulting lab. Not Quick Draw Mobile.

FAQ For Providers

Just fill out the Get Started form & we’ll reach out to you.

Give them a brochure card & their order. Additionally, you can simply tell patients to go to to book a visit.

Yes, absolutely. We do recommend that patients choose a lab that’s covered by their insurance.

Not currently. We may consider expanding to support insurance in the future.

If your office or facility is contracted with us, your patients will pay zero out of pocket costs & that gets them Home blood collections & delivery to the lab AND our POC (Point- of Care) testing. If you’re not contracted with us, your patients will pay a low convenience fee of $36 per house call visit. *Call for Provider contracted prices.

We’re glad you asked! This service allows the doctor to get results same day…. real time. Our certified phlebotomists show up onsite with our CLIA approved POC devices, Perform the POC test (the patient & phlebotomist both sign off on the results), the results are then faxed or emailed to you (the doctor); All in Real Time!!

PT/INR – $22

Urinalysis – $10

Hemoglobin – $15

A1C – $23

Glucose – $13

Lipid Profile (Cholesterol) – $33 (HDL, LDL, Total, Triglycerides)

(Prices are attached for non-contracted patients/residents)

“All of our devices are QC’d & calibrated at the start of each day. We assure you each device is CLIA & FDA approved for professional use. *A meeting can be arranged for the viewing of our devices.

It allows the blood or specimen to be tested at its freshest duration, immediately after its collected. Also, did we mention, you get the results in Real Time!

Yes, we’d be happy to accommodate you to arrange these kind of bookings. Please contact us at 480-799-7267 or

Currently we only offer priority appointments next day or later. This gives you the opportunity to make sure their fasted & gives us time to get necessary supplies prepared for their appointment.

We can offer services on a case-by-case basis. For special requests. Please contact us at 480-799-7267 or

An invoice will be sent to you via text or email after you book, from there you will click the link attached to make your payment. payment is due before services are provided.